a feature film in development, 100min

2021 | YEEEE.A.I.!!!!! We are happy to announce, that the development of our new film project LOVEBOTS by author duo Sülke Schulz & Martina Sakova was supported by BKM, the German Federal Ministry of Culture

2022 | Lovebots selected for the Co-production Market in Brussel & the European Music & Cinema Market ´23, Marseille

2023 | Upgrading workflows and seeking investors to join the journey. www.LOVEBOTS.AI   YEAH!!!!! Lovebots is selected for eQuinoxe Europe `23 with the kind support of Medienboard and preselected for the German Script Award ´24.

a feature film, 92min, completed 2020, DE/SK co-production

Summer Rebels was shortlisted for the German Film Award in 2021 and won the GERMAN FILM CRITICS’ AWARD for Best Children’s Film in the same year. The German-Slovak co-production ran in competition at numerous national and international FESTIVALS and received various awards. In addition to international theatrical release in Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria, the film was also licensed by Netflix in several European countries.

For more information please visit the film website: WWW.SUMMERREBELS.COM


a wild deep east series 6x45min in development, a co-production with TRICKSTER Pictures (LTV) author: Matīss Kaža, FILMKOLEKTIV (CZ) & WHAT IF Films (SK). See you soon at Series Mania!  PLAY TEASER



a feature film in development, a minority co-production with WHAT IF Films (SK) director: Daniel Rihak.  PLAY TEASER

Winner of Havc Development Award at Connecting Cottbus ´23, POPup Award at Febio Industry Days ´23, Orka Award at Kids Kino Industry Warsaw ´22, developed within Midpoint and PopUp Residency in Warsaw, supported by Slovak Film Fund



a dramedy mini-series 9x20min in development, authors: Edda Lina Janz und Sophie de Frenne, concept for all 9 episodes already in place, moodboard



an animated kids series in development, design: Pablo Ientile (ARG), concept: Martina Sakova, Martin Kleinmichel, writer: Maciej Kur (PL). Script for a pilot finished;)



a fantasy comedy in the early development stage, author: Sülke Schulz



a comedy series in rewrite, authors: Sülke Schulz & Martina Sakova

a documentary film, completed, 46min, co-production with Strahlendes Klima e.v.

Ecology Film Prize, Science Film Festival, Asia´18 / world premiere: Barents Ecology Film Festival in Petrosavodsk


a middle-length film by Adela Babanova, CZ/DE, completed, 38min, co-production with Bratri s.r.o., Czech television, MagicLab

28. FilmFestival Cottbus, Filmreihe Specials „Socialist Fake News from the ČSSR“ / DokuMontag spezial. „Information. Mystifikation. Desinformation.“ Berlin / Jihlava, IDFF / Loop Barcelona / Warsaw IFF / CINEAST / Febiofest /…

This black-and-white film combines re-enactments with original footage from Operation Neptune, one of the Czechoslovak secret police’s first attempts at media manipulation, during which a group of reporters comes across secret Nazi documents at the bottom of a lake. The film’s focus, however, is on the struggle between a skeptical journalist and a high-ranking police official, and the failed attempt at revealing the state-sponsored disinformation.