a documentary film, completed, 46min, co-production with Strahlendes Klima e.v.

Ecology Film Prize, Science Film Festival, Asia´18 / world premiere: Barents Ecology Film Festival in Petrosavodsk


a middle-length film by Adela Babanova, CZ/DE, completed, 38min, co-production with Bratri s.r.o., Czech television, MagicLab

28. FilmFestival Cottbus, Filmreihe Specials „Socialist Fake News from the ČSSR“ / DokuMontag spezial. „Information. Mystifikation. Desinformation.“ Berlin / Jihlava, IDFF / Loop Barcelona / Warsaw IFF / CINEAST / Febiofest /…

This black-and-white film combines re-enactments with original footage from Operation Neptune, one of the Czechoslovak secret police’s first attempts at media manipulation, during which a group of reporters comes across secret Nazi documents at the bottom of a lake. The film’s focus, however, is on the struggle between a skeptical journalist and a high-ranking police official, and the failed attempt at revealing the state-sponsored disinformation.